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Win that special someone's heart all over again with a Personalised Scrapbook Album.

Designed and handcrafted by our team of artists, each album is a one-of-a-kind gift filled with memories and special moments captured by you. With up to 22 pages decorated and up to 100 photos in total, this custom scrapbook album showcases just how much your loved one truly means to you. And as they unwrap the hidden pop-out cards and flip through the maze of hidden treasures, they’ll be reminded yet again of all the good times you’ve shared and the countless more to come.
Made to order, this personalized scrapbook is a wonderful way to surprise your partner on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s days, and as a special bonding gift for long-distance relationships.
📚Crafted with the highest quality materials by world-class artists—this album will last a lifetime
💌Designed, crafted, and delivered in a few days
🎁Wrapped and ready to be gifted out of the box
😲Discover the pleasure of saying ‘I made it myself!’
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Most frequent questions and answers

Our personalized scrapbooks are unique, as they are all handmade by our team of skilled artisans. We use only high-quality materials, ensuring that your scrapbook will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. We also offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that your scrapbook is tailored to your specific needs and tastes. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and will work closely with you to ensure that your scrapbook is just what you envision.

Our personalized scrapbooks are more expensive than mass-produced products because they are all handmade and created with high-quality materials. We also offer a wide range of customization options, which are not available with most other products. In addition, the added level of personalization and attention to detail makes our scrapbooks more valuable than mass-produced products. We believe that the cost is worth it for a product that will be cherished for years to come and that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The process of designing a personalized scrapbook starts by purchasing a scrapbook from our website. Once your order is placed, one of our team members will contact you within 1 hour to schedule a meeting or chat to discuss your specific needs and preferences for the design of the scrapbook. During this meeting or chat, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas, preferences and photos with us. If you prefer, we also accept photos via different platforms, and you can send them to us. We will then proceed to design your scrapbook and share step-by-step videos with you, if you would like, to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. Once the design is finalized, we will deliver the scrapbook to your doorstep via DHL Express within one week.

Yes, you can include other items such as movie tickets or souvenirs in your personalized scrapbook. It can be a great way to add personal touches and make the scrapbook even more special. However, it is important to note that some items may not be suitable for inclusion due to their size or condition. For example, if the tickets are too small or are already in poor condition, they may not look good when included in the scrapbook. We recommend checking with us before sending any additional items to ensure they can be included. If you have any special request or would like to include something special in your scrapbook, please let us know so we can help you.

You can send us your photos either by email or by uploading them to a photo sharing app, such as Google Photos, Dropbox, or iCloud and sharing the link with us. Once we receive the photos, we will print them out using high quality photo printers to ensure the best possible image quality, and include them in your personalized scrapbook. Make sure that the photos are of high resolution and well-lit, it will make sure that the final product looks great. And please send all the photos at once or specify which one you would like to include in the scrapbook.

Weight1-3 kg
Dimensions21 × 29.7 × 8 cm

10, 14, 18, 22, Custom


A5, A4

19 reviews for Personalised Scrapbook

  1. Alex

    Goods 100% satisfied! It’s just so lovely. In fact, I thought that the pictures would be bigger, but it’s slightly. You just look at this detail! It seems to me that this is an excellent purchase for people who like grate gifts. I think you can lose some time just watching these wonderful pictures.

  2. Nicholas Streiff

    I did receive the package. Everything arrived perfectly fine. I gave my girlfriend the package and she started crying she was so happy

  3. Buffy B

    This was a wonderful wedding anniversary present.Thank you for the perfect gift!
    Delevery was in mentioned time frame. I’m just sad that I forgot to capture her reaction.

  4. Olivia

    I have been sending scrapbook to my mom who is now
    75 years old now. These cards cheer her so much. I send to other loved ones and they can’t believe the beauty of them. She is surprised. Thank you!

  5. Sophia

    Hey love: Thank you sooo much. He really loved this really love thisssss omg this is so freaking beautiful Thank you for making it more perfect than I expected perfect! You’re so creative love! Good luck with everything hope to order more stuff from you! Love yah And I . Everything is so perfect!. You’re so creative love!. Good luck with everything!. hope to order more stuff from you!. Love yah. 🙂

  6. Emma

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job done. And the timely delivery too. Your hands are made of magic! Can’t imagine how you’ve worked on the little details so well So satisfied with my love and so worthy. ‘l let you know his reaction when I gift it ? Once again thank u so much.

  7. Amelia

    This was my first time trying Memoscrap. I made a wedding gift for my husband of all our photos from our very first date to the engagement. The process was easy to work with and so fun! I will definitely use Memoscrap again. Plus the price didn’t disappoint 🥰

  8. Millie

    I really didn’t expect it’s too damn good it’s mind blowing.Thank you soooo soooo much I’m losing my mind for this it’s too cute too pretty. Can’t thanks you enough for this wow just wow magnificent work there thank you, I feel blessed.

  9. Alan

    I loved my book, got it right on time for our anniversary! It’s beautiful and a great book size (I love small hardbacks so it was perfect!). Such a lovely gift I was over the moon with it!

  10. Ana

    Itz so amazing. I cant take my eyes from it. Thank you so much! It is awesome!!!!! Love it

  11. Madison

    This book was a great gift. My husband does not like to read, but he liked it a lot, he talked about it to several people. I have already recommended it to several people. Great service and a lovely present for my Hubby for our 5th Anniversary 🙂

  12. Gabriel

    like some others, I had a WONDERFUL experience with Memoscarap. I got all the book I wanted, well-packaged, in perfect condition.!

  13. Williams

    This book is the best and most original pieces of art EVER!

  14. Sharon Tomasko

    The book were really nice, and nicely made. I had a problem with a delivery and the company responded quickly and solved my problem. This is very special book.

  15. Laura

    I come from Europe, and i really like this website. Items arrived promptly, well packed and as ordered. The online ordering is easy, clear and well laid out. I love my free gift very much!!!!….

    Excellent book. I love this.

  16. Sallie

    I recommend purchasing. The book themselves are quite a gift to receive. My family and friends love them!

  17. Lily

    It’s just so lovely. Appreciate your creativity nd patience!. Loved the wording too!. I just can’t wait to see my bestie’s reaction when it goes to her hand.

  18. Landon Williams

    I recently purchased a personalized scrapbook from MemoScrap as a gift for my sister’s wedding and it exceeded all my expectations! The team at MemoScrap was extremely helpful in assisting me with the design process and incorporating all of my sister’s special memories into the book. The final product was absolutely stunning and the quality of the materials used was top-notch. My sister was thrilled with the gift and it was definitely a hit at the wedding. I highly recommend MemoScrap for anyone looking for a unique and special gift. Thank you for helping me create such a beautiful and meaningful keepsake!

  19. Kaitlyn Thompson

    I recently ordered a personalized scrapbook from MemoScrap as a surprise gift for my boyfriend’s birthday and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier with the final product! The team at MemoScrap was a breeze to work with and helped me to create a truly one-of-a-kind scrapbook that perfectly captured all of our special memories together. The quality of the materials used was impressive and the attention to detail was outstanding. My boyfriend was absolutely thrilled with the gift and it has quickly become one of his most treasured possessions. I highly recommend MemoScrap for anyone looking for a unique and meaningful gift. Thanks so much for helping me create such a special keepsake!

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